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About BHA

BHA, Inc. was established in January 1985, by Mr. Bradley and Mr. Holloway who have been colleagues for thirty-five years. The company was formed with the goal of providing consulting services through the blending of technical engineering expertise with practical field experience.

BHA, Inc. is a professional land planning, civil engineering and land surveying firm offering a full spectrum of in-house capabilities. BHA provides services to its clients by the direct involvement of BHA’s experiences principals, Rod Bradley, Ron Holloway, and Armand Marois. The establishment of long-term client relationships based upon performance and integrity is the foundation of the firm’s success.

The direct involvement of the company’s principals in all work undertaken by the firm is one of BHA’s distinguishing trademarks. The general philosophy revolves around Ron Bradley and Ron Holloway’s “hands-on” approach to management of all projects, assuring clients not only the highest level of planning and engineering expertise, but also of a built in back-up system so that their project is in capable, knowledgeable hands during all phases of work.